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Welcome to my gallery! Have a look around! Here are some things that I have done.
If you like the way I draw, and would like me to do something for you, feel free to
e-mail me!

New! My Animal Gallery New!

SOON TO COME *Fantasy Gallery*

Beach Sunset 

This a Piece that I have done on the computer. One of my first in a series, I hope.  



I like to draw things from a different view than is usualy used. And this is one of the ways.


Daniel Boone 

- another bird's eye view. This is a historicaly correct picture of Boone. He was a rather short man of a little over 5 feet tall. He never wore a coon skin hat, but rather, had a wide brimed hat.



I was doing some pictures for one of my books, and this guy poped up on my sketch pad. I was very glad to see him, as will Theera. In the book called Earthlight.

 Ink & Pencil


 My sister loves horses, to ride and/or look like. I like to draw them. As you can see.



 Ah, yes. The dino! One of my brothers was deeply into dinosaurs so I drew a picture of a Maiasaur for him. After I did that I found neet little tricks to use in other reptilian drawings.


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