My Friends

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I hope to have a little bit on some of my friends here and some pics(good or bad...hehe..) pretty soon. If you don't see your name up here, that does not meen that I don't consider you a friend... it is just that I either did not have time to type all that needed to be said about you... or (and most likely) I did not have any really...really good pictures of you!! *Smile*


Angela Ocuto - What can I say... We look totally different, but we act like twins! I have to say, when we go to town to have some fun, we do! We could have fun at one of them nice dinners... and we have! We are kind of like light and dark... with out one you can't have the other! A bit different, but we go so well together!

Matt Lowder - This guy is one of the neatest I know. We met when he hired me to do a mural at his place of employment, Tigra, and got to talking and became great friends. Later I pulled him into an acting part with the theatre group here, when we did Macbeth. Then he ended up painting for me while I was working on the sets. Isn't it funny how life works?

Nick Mann - Any one who knew this guy was glad to. He was loads of fun, and had a great personality. I remember going to friends houses and playing a nighttime game called Capture the Flag. I have to say, he was one of the best. Unfortunatly he was killed in a car accedent in 1999. But his memory lives on.

Dixie Michaels - Is a gall who would do very well in the disco era! Dixie is one of the most layed-back yet wildly cool people I have ever met. My sis & I once slep over at her house, and while my sis got some sleep, Dixie and I talked and laughed all night long! And no, I did not name my story book caractor after her. I made up the elf Dixie in In The Redwood way before I met this Dixie!

Summer Day, Maria Carrol, & Molly Ford - There is so much to be said about these galls. We were summer camp counslers together this last 2000 summer. We would sit up late at night plotting about what to do for! yeah, for the campers the next day. Tee he he.. We were the Fab Four!

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