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Here is a little intro to my stories. the one that is getting the most attention right now from me is Dancing with Unicorns.

In the Redwood is almost finished. This is my first book. I started working on it almost 7 or 8 years ago.
A girl named Megan Brown. An elf named Dixie. Megan finds Dixie hiding out in her step family's barn, and tries to help her. Megan and Dixie run to the redwoods and find the rest of the elves, but there is one who does not want Megan to be there.

Dancing With Unicorns is maybe half-way done.
A young teenage girl called Meesh, finds that she is not like the other people of her world. In her desperate attempt to find out who she is, she finds a friend, a foe, and a Unicorn.

Earthlight is one that I have just started working on.
Theera had been orphaned at a young age, by her mother trying to save her life. Her father wants to find Theera, to fulfill a bet for him. One that could meen death to her and her cheetah. But Theera has plans of her own.

One of things I like to do that has something to do with writing is "I Am Poems". These are funny little things that can be very serious or very funny! Here is one of Mine.

I AM an artist,
I WONDER about paints,
I HEAR blank canvases calling.
I SEE images apearing,
I WANT to put them on paper,
I AM an artist.

I PRETEND that i can make anything,
I FEEL happy and proud.
I TOUCH the paint brush,
I WONDER what to create,
I CRY happy tears when it is finnished.
I AM an artist.

I UNDERSTAND the pencil,
I SAY that I love to draw.
I DREAM of thing no one has ever seen,
I TRY to make those dreams come true.
I HOPE that it comes out right,
I AM an artist.

You can do one of your own by taking the first two words of each line and puting your own word into it. Don't worry about it being weird or silly. That is half the fun!! Just enjoy and share!

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